ASP.NET - Need help in sub menu items displaying

Asked By Sumit Kumar on 26-Jan-10 11:40 AM
Hi all, Child menu items not showing (just white space) in menu item. I have kept the menu in master page before content place holder. In the content page all the menu item is showing but not showing the child menu item. Suppose i have menu with Home, Company profile, Service, Contactus, SiteMap. Under CompanyProfile i have sub menu Company Overview, BoardOfDirector, Leadership Team. While i am running any content page say C1. I can see all the Menu item but i cant see sub menu item, just i can see CompanyProfile-> like this.. but whenever i click on CompanyProfile entire menu item is disappeared. Pls somebody give me the solutions. Thanks, Kumar

Re - Huggy Bear replied to Sumit Kumar on 27-Jan-10 12:57 AM

There is something wrong with you code. Post the aspx code for accurate answers.
mv ark replied to Sumit Kumar on 30-Jan-10 07:04 AM
There are known issues with the ASP.NET menu in IE and Safari browsers. If you specifically find the issue in IE 8, read about the fix here -

If your problem appears only in all versions of IE but not Firefox or other browsers, the workaround is to remove the <xhtmlConformance mode="Legacy" /> tag in web.config -