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I like to know project Estimation techniques in .Net Windows as well as Web application projects, could anyone help me regarding this?.



.Net Project Estimation Techniques - Sagar P replied to sellin nelson on 27-Jan-10 12:59 AM

The CS/10,000 project estimation tool suite allows you to generate, manage, and validate estimates of effort for a wide variety of projects. The estimation method uses proprietary AI technology to provide both task and effort based estimation for your project.

While estimating cost for any project or web application in dot net you need to consider all development life cycle. Also man power and other things which will be needed like;

Suppose, your project needs four .NET developers, two User Experience professionals, and one Project Manager. The rates for each of these team members are:

  • .NET Developers: $80/hour
  • User Experience Professionals: $90/hour
  • Project Manager: $100/hour

The project requires the .NET developers for 100 hours, the User Experience professionals for 50 hours, and the Project Manager for 100 hours. This would lead to the following costs:

  • .NET Developers: $80/hour * 100 hours * 4 = $ 32000
  • User Experience Professionals: $90/hour * 50 hours * 2 = $ 9000
  • Project Manager: $100/hour * 100 hours * 1 = $ 10000

Therefore, the total resource cost is:

$ 32000 + $ 9000 + $ 10000 = $ 51000

Just go thr these links which will tell you in details abt Estimation;

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project Estimation techniques in .Net Windows as well as Web application

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3 types of estimates:

1. Ballpark or order of magnitude
2. Rough estimates
3. Fair estimates

and also it is divided based on the size and complexity. generally people put a matrix with this 2 things as headers,

you can also use estimation tools.

for web apps see the link,

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Try this estimation tool -

For a more detailed understanding on Estimation techniques, check Steve McConnell's book -