Windows Live - Windows Live Messenger - Asked By mary m on 27-Jan-10 04:06 PM

I just added a new contact to my list....the contact does not show up on my list...even after I tried adding it again, messenger said I have added that contact already.
In the meantime, my name shows on her list....and we chatted. How is it she can see me....we can chat....yet I don't have her on my list?

Windows Live Messenger - mv ark replied to mary m on 27-Jan-10 08:43 PM

I feel this could be linked to the Contacts limit on MSN Messenger -

I had a similar problem a few years ago & it seems the limit was enforced at that point. You could contact the Live Messenger team for more help -

BTW, How many contacts do you have?

Windows Live Messenger issues - mary m replied to mv ark on 27-Jan-10 09:11 PM

I have 20 ish..