MySQL - Database Connection with html - Asked By Rajan Shedbalkar on 28-Jan-10 02:03 AM

I have a track page in html. & I also created a database using mySQL. Is it possible to connect my htnl page to MYSql database.

Pls help me to any other solution.

connecting to MySQL - mv ark replied to Rajan Shedbalkar on 28-Jan-10 04:00 AM

Although you cannot directly fetch data from a MySQL database into a HTML page, you can make use of an intermediary script that is written in a server-side programming language like PHP or ASP.NET/C# to connect to MySQL db & then refer to this in you HTML page using AJAX

This code sample shows how you can achieve this -

You can alternatively use the jQuery AJAX methods to call a server-side script in a HTML page -
Ryan C. replied to Rajan Shedbalkar on 06-Feb-10 02:29 PM

a page with an .html extention is what we call a static page. Now the connectivity between html pages and a daataabase (mySQL) needs to be dynamic. Thus instead of saving our pages with a .html extension, we use .php, .asp ....etc

They will still contain html coding, however you be able to create a connection script to the database and be easily to manipulate data from your page.

Are you familiar with any other coding languages?