Outlook - My Outlook '07 .PST file is not in the normal location - Where is it?

Asked By Jeremy Gassman on 28-Jan-10 03:31 PM
The hard disk crashed on my daughters Vista Laptop. I have pulled the disk and can access it via a disk recovery utility on my desktop. I have copied off all important data EXCEPT for her Outlook 2007 data. The .PST file is not in the normal users/%username%/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook/ folder and I can not search the disk to find where it might be. Is there an Outlook configuration file I can get to (in a known location) that will tell me where the .PST is stored? Or are there any other locations it is likely to be at? Or any other ideas please? I really really need to get her Outlook data off the disk. Thanks in advance.

That is the default location for personal.pst - Robbe Morris replied to Jeremy Gassman on 28-Jan-10 05:23 PM

If it isn't there, then someone changed the path of where the .pst file is stored.  The path can be changed in Outlook via the Account Settings/Data Files tab.

Is there a reason you can't just restore the entire hard drive to a external hard drive?  Then, you could perform your search.

mv ark replied to Jeremy Gassman on 30-Jan-10 03:59 AM
These threads hint the location could be stored in the Registry -