ASP.NET - WSDL - Asked By Naresh Kumar on 29-Jan-10 11:29 AM

Hi All,

Can any body please tell me what actually WSDL file contains.

Thanks in advance.

XML providing details of how clients can access your service - Robbe Morris replied to Naresh Kumar on 29-Jan-10 11:34 AM

If you are using .NET, it creates this stuff for you based on your code for the service.
Santhosh N replied to Naresh Kumar on 29-Jan-10 12:01 PM
WSDL contains many things related to service

1) Web Service URL along with the ports numbers if hosted in intranet as well
2) WebMethod definitions along woth params
3) all service signatures, etc
Web Star replied to Naresh Kumar on 29-Jan-10 12:08 PM

A WSDL document defines services as collections of network endpoints, or ports.

A WSDL file contains the following parts:
  • Web service interface definition

    This part contains the elements and the namespaces.

  • Web service implementation

    This part contains the definition of the service and ports.