Windows XP - It appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet

Asked By Dan Pikulski on 29-Jan-10 09:33 PM

I am having trouble with my Explorer 8 giving me this error message. It started after Trend Micro detected something coming in thru an Email. I am running XP sp3 and have had no issues up to this one. I ran a complete scan using Trend, MBAM and Superantispyware. All three detected minor issues and removed them all. I also tried 3 different restore points with no improvement. I also loaded Firefox and it get a similar message. My router connection is good. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks, Dan

Sakshi a replied to Dan Pikulski on 29-Jan-10 11:24 PM

Some suggestions from eggheadcafe earlier for this issue, try it out, <a href="">Click Here</a>

Solutions from others,  <a href="">Click Here 1.</a><br>

<a href=",427,1958/session/L3NpZC9QdFVIR2RTag==">Click Here 2.</a>

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mv ark replied to Dan Pikulski on 30-Jan-10 03:37 AM
These links have some troubleshooting tips -

Dan Pikulski replied to mv ark on 08-Feb-10 09:36 AM


Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to get to them this week and get this problem figgured out. I have not had a chance to get to it prior to this as I have been out of town for the last couple of weeks for work. I will let you know if I find anything.


Dan Pikulski replied to Dan Pikulski on 22-Feb-10 07:00 AM
I managed to get this figured out. The problem was traced back to my Trend Micro firewall. It must have detected something unknown to it and shut down the connection. A simple reset of the firewall settings took care of the problem.
s replied to Dan Pikulski on 24-Oct-10 10:36 PM
My younger sister had this issue today and I finally resolved it...after troubleshooting the network from ISP to modem to router...did a simple SYSTEM RESTORE to a date of when she said the internet worked last...and it worked...prior to the restore I asked my sister if she did any installations or updates...and she said she saw something say to update and she did....who knows what she clicked on...and I did not document the items from the system restore log...sorry but hope this helps