Windows Vista - windows resume loader - Asked By ashley mccomb on 29-Jan-10 10:52 PM

my computer froze for no reason when no one was using it. Nothing would work (ctrl alt del) so I turned it off and back on. The Windows Resume Loader menu comes up with two options. 'continue with system resume' or 'delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu'. When I choose the first one, nothing happens. It just goes to a black screen. I'm afraid to choose the second... what is it deleting? 
Sakshi a replied to ashley mccomb on 29-Jan-10 11:17 PM

1.       Restart your computer, as it starts to boot back up press and hold F8

2.       It should take you to the Advanced Boot Options screen

If you were able to get to the Advanced Boot Options screen continue on to step three, otherwise skip it and let us know so that we can try some other things.

3.       On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration, then press Enter

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mv ark replied to ashley mccomb on 30-Jan-10 03:27 AM
Your computer didn't freeze but went into hibernation to conserve system resources. Check this thread that discusses the exact issue to understand what's happening internally & what to do next -