Windows 7 - Office 2007 - Asked By Martha Brawner on 31-Jan-10 05:18 PM

Purchased CD Office 2007 from Ultimate Steel back in May 2008.  Didn't load it on computer and then lost it for a while.  I recently found the CD and went to load it on my new laptop and if said my key number is wrong.  It is the key they gave me.
mv ark replied to Martha Brawner on 31-Jan-10 08:57 PM
Due to the font used for the product key, sometimes "B" is mistaken for "8" and "O" (capital o") with "0" (zero). Verify if this is not the issue.

Alternatively, you can also use the phone activation method -

Also check these troubleshooting steps -

Please call Microsoft Support. - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Martha Brawner on 01-Feb-10 12:16 AM

And make sure you are typing the right keys with the right case.

paresh tank replied to Martha Brawner on 01-Feb-10 01:35 AM

Hi  Martha.

It can be because of your false  interpretation of key character.

Or  It can be a wrong key..


  Your best option at this point in time is to call Microsoft and get a new key. You'll probably have to pay for it, but it shouldn't be as expensive as buying a whole new copy of office...