Windows Server - product key - Asked By bheema vatti on 31-Jan-10 10:46 PM


I have window server 2003 cd and product key, yesterday i traid to install my product key not working. Please some one help me this.



Santhosh N replied to bheema vatti on 31-Jan-10 10:51 PM
The reason could be microsoft stoppped the product key to be installed with and hence you might be getting this error...If that is purchased from microsoft and a valid copy of windows..try to install from scratch or else, try to buy a valid and genuine copy..

check for more info on this
Sakshi a replied to bheema vatti on 01-Feb-10 12:15 AM

1. It may be a pirated copy and it may be due to the mismatch of the software and its product key.


2. If it was bought there may be a validity duration for the application and it might have expired.

If you bought and feel that it is not bound by date validity then contact microsoft support.


mv ark replied to bheema vatti on 01-Feb-10 12:28 AM
Due to the font used for the product key, sometimes "B" is mistaken for "8" and "O" (capital o") with "0" (zero). Verify if this is not the issue.

Alternatively, you can also use the phone activation method -

Also check these troubleshooting steps -
paresh tank replied to bheema vatti on 01-Feb-10 01:12 AM

Hi Bhima,


It can be because of your false  interpretation of key character.

Or  It can be a wrong key..


  Your best option at this point in time is to call Microsoft and get a new key. You'll probably have to pay for it, but it shouldn't be as expensive as buying a whole new copy of 2003 server.



bheema vatti replied to paresh tank on 09-Feb-10 07:22 AM

thak's for replaying to me , i got that,