ASP.NET - Redirect user to their newly created account website

Asked By Randhir Yadav on 01-Feb-10 02:41 AM
i want to create a website just like "active collab" where number of clients can register and manage their software projects progress or absloutely any kind of projects and track the progress of project.

I want the client or clients to give facility to register to our project management website(create account). after account creation is successful, i want to redirect them to their corresponding account domain associated with my project management website.

For example:
If my project management website
a client with username "sam" registered to above project management site"". After successfully creation of this user account i want to redirect him to

 or is there any other idea to implement this kind of  facility
i don't want this: if user "sam" registered to "", i dont want to redirect him to ""

I hope i was able to explain well.

Please help
Santhosh N replied to Randhir Yadav on 01-Feb-10 03:38 AM

There are certain ways to do this one by configuring the DNS to make this way but on hosting comapny which supports this and theother is to use url rewriting..

you can check here for more info on what I am saying

and this one url rewriting to achieve the same

Project management tool - mv ark replied to Randhir Yadav on 01-Feb-10 04:25 AM

Check out Gemini Project collaboration tool -

There are both free & paid versions.

To have a subdomain for each client there are 2 options. Either you would have to configure each subdomain on your DNS server or create fake subdomain addresses with URLrewriting.

URLRewriting at the IIS level can be done using ISAPI filters. Check out these 2 -

URL Replacer -

ISAPI_Rewrite Lite is a free & powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions to alter or obfuscate URLs. Check -

Also check this thread -