ASP.NET - accessing inbox in own application - Asked By goldy gupta on 04-Feb-10 08:41 AM

hello to all ..

I am making an ASP.NET web application..

I am sending the mail in my application but now I also wants the user to give the facility to

excess the inbox of 'gmail' and 'hotmail' in my application...It means if they save the settings of gmail then inbox of gmail should be open and if hot mail then inbox of hot mail should be open...

I am trying this since a long time...

plz help me if available with code..

thanks in advance

mv ark replied to goldy gupta on 04-Feb-10 11:18 PM
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server handles the sending of your email messages to the Internet while a Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) server holds incoming email messages until you check your email.

You can retrieve Mails from Gmail & Hotmail with POP3 component like  the free Indy.Sockets:

Before you fetch mails from Gmail, you will have to enable POP access explicitly -

These are the details to use:
Gmail -
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Hotmail -
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Gmail provides free POP access -

Free POP3 feature in Windows Live Hotmail
goldy gupta replied to mv ark on 05-Feb-10 07:19 AM

thanks for the reply.

buts thats not the solution of my problem...

PLz read my next post