SharePoint - Large video break up - Asked By sammy mc on 04-Feb-10 02:47 PM

I have bit large video to upload on Sharepoint. As we know, it cannot be able to upload for certain extent.

Is there any s/w or way toupload large videos (just 30min video I would say!) thanks.

mv ark replied to sammy mc on 04-Feb-10 09:58 PM
SharePoint allows a maximum file size of 50MB that can be uploaded into any document library. You can increase the default limit to a maximum file size up to 2,047 megabytes under "Maximum upload size" in the Web Application General Settings page under SharePoint Web Application Management. For detailed steps on viewing the max size & changing it, check this MS KB article -

If it is larger than
2,047 megabytes, you could probably use some third-party video hosting service or host it on the Cloud -