ASP.NET - File download completed in client machine or not detection

Asked By Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Feb-10 03:25 AM
suppose when user click on link or button for downloading file in then download start.
so i just want to know how to detect that the file as been downloaded in client machine.
is it possible to track from server side code. because i want to develop a file download section
from where user at a time can download only single file. so in this case when file download start
i will just capture client ip and store it in session and when file download will be over then i will
clear that session and in this way my purpose will be solved and restric user to downlolad multiple file.

few days back i post this same question bot did not got any good solution. i forget to ask u that how rapid share,hotfile do this.
in hot file i saw they allow download one file at a time. the moment one file is downladed then another can be download.what type of logic they
use. please let me know if u guys have any idea.

Thanks in advance

Huggy Bear replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Feb-10 03:48 AM
Normally you won't have any control over the file download once the download kicks off. But searched on net and found the below article to be useful. I think it should offer you some good help.

mv ark replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Feb-10 07:30 AM
For a host server to know if a file has finished downloading, it would probably have to check at intervals by polling for the size of the file. As browsers don't allow you to access to the file system, you may have to circumvent it by building a browser addon to relax the tight security. Such solutions will not be cross-browser or OS independent.