VB.NET - Auto Close Modalpopup extender without any click

Asked By ashish sharma on 05-Feb-10 05:11 AM
I am implementing ajax modalpopup control. when i submit record message will be display like "record saved." after that withing given seconds popwindow should be close autometically without any click or post back.. Please help me.
Huggy Bear replied to ashish sharma on 05-Feb-10 06:07 AM
Simply provide the okcontrolid of the ModalPopupExtender1 to the submit button id as shown, so that it would close the popup window, once the click event handler of btnOkay is completed.

<cc1:modalpopupextender id="ModalPopupExtender1" runat="server" 
cancelcontrolid="btnCancel" okcontrolid="btnOkay" 
targetcontrolid="Button1" popupcontrolid="Panel1" 
popupdraghandlecontrolid="PopupHeader" drag="true" 

jGrowl jQuery plugin - to show unobtrusive messages - mv ark replied to ashish sharma on 05-Feb-10 07:41 AM

Instead of the ModalPopup extender, use a jQuery plugin like jGrowl to show unobtrusive messages - http://cool-javascripts.com/effects/jgrowl-to-show-unobtrusive-messages.html

If user intervention is not required, a modal popup is unnecessary