Windows Server - running an application through windows server 2003 terminal server

Asked By Dinesh Sanwal on 12-Feb-10 08:38 PM

I am using windows server 2003 terminal server.
I need when user(xp) login to terminal server it automatically open application.


Assuming that you wanted to run an application on Login - [)ia6l0 iii replied to Dinesh Sanwal on 12-Feb-10 09:10 PM

you can do it thru three ways:

  • Write a Login Script for the user and initiate the application thru that. Ask your IT guy to do that. 
  • Place a Shortcut of the application on the desktop. And you may have to click it each time you login. 
  • Create a batch file to invoke the application, or with the shortcut of the application; place them in the Startup folder of the user profile. A Simple drag-drop into startup folder under the Programs menu would help. 
Hope it helped.

Dinesh Sanwal replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 12-Feb-10 09:25 PM

Yes i want to run an application on login.

Application run fine when i usually connect remote server and run application. But i am unable to run it through login script.
Can u give me any example for creating login script for running application.

Juicy replied to Dinesh Sanwal on 15-Apr-10 08:31 AM
If you go to the terminal server configuration tool you can put in a path for the application that should run automatically. The application runs right after login and the user has no immediate access to the desktop.