ASP.NET - Code Not working in Google Chrome. - Asked By Naresh Kumar on 23-Feb-10 04:58 AM

Hi All,

 I am using AjaxPro2.dll to get the server side objects to javascript , the code is working fine in Mozilla , IE but in chrome I am getting error "Refused to set unsafe header connection chrome" .

Can any one please help me how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.
Santhosh N replied to Naresh Kumar on 23-Feb-10 05:32 AM
The error could be beacuse of using POST in form action and try to use querystrings if that is the case
DL M replied to Naresh Kumar on 23-Feb-10 05:39 AM
-->The error reported by Chrome is due to a hard-coded request header. Making the request headers configurable will fix this issue.