ASP.NET - Ajax telerik red control is not working in google chrome

Asked By Reena Jain on 03-Mar-10 12:35 AM

I am using 2005 and in it i am using Ajax telerik red control. its working fine with all other browser except google chrome. Even menu is not working its show on browser , but doesn't function. is there need any extra support or something else?

thanks in advance
Rahul Kumar replied to Reena Jain on 03-Mar-10 12:57 AM

May be the problem you are facing because you are using older version of telerik controls. Try new version of telerik if still doesnt work then inform this to telerik development center

Santhosh N replied to Reena Jain on 03-Mar-10 01:00 AM
Rad controls needs to be used based on the version of the browser and check here for more details on which version is compatible for different versions of chrmoe and how to configure them