Windows XP - all my folders are converted into 1kb shortcuts

Asked By light m on 13-Mar-10 09:52 AM
Hi all,
i got infected with "vbs" through someone's usb, i ran "Flash_Disinfector", then installed "kaspersky 7", scaned the whole computer, it also deleted vbs trojans. However, after that when i tried to open my computer by clicking on its icon, it did not open, i tried to open it from strat up, but the result was same. All others icons like my documents etc were all right, i open my computer through my documents, opened my c drive, when i tried to open further any folder present in the C drive it gave me the error, that is,this item "1002931234.vbs" that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut? Howerever all my folders were not having any shortcut sign & it was same with all folders present in all my drives, but it is showing 1kb size, and when i wrote the name of the folder in the address bar, it opened normaly amd all my files are present in it, so now i cannot open my computer through its icon plus all the folders present in my hard drive. i suspectmay be virus has changed something in the computer. please help me to sort this thing out.
Kirtan Patel replied to light m on 13-Mar-10 10:08 AM

To prevent scripts with a .VBS extension from being run:

  1. Log on as an Administrator.
  2. On the Desktop, or in Windows Explorer, right-click on 'My Computer'.
  3. Select 'Open' from the menu.
  4. In the My Computer window, open the Tools menu and select 'Folder Options'.
  5. Open the File Types tabbed page.
  1. Windows 2000 and Windows Me

  2. Look for 'VBScript Script File' in the list of file types (if you can't find it, you don't need to do anything else).
  3. Click on the Delete button.
  4. If you see a dialog asking you to confirm removal, click 'Yes'.
light m replied to Kirtan Patel on 13-Mar-10 10:20 AM
i did as u said, but now a new error message is coming "There is no script engine for file extension ".vbs"., moreover, the problems with the folders are same, showing 1kb and on clicking giveing the same eroor message as before
Kirtan Patel replied to light m on 13-Mar-10 12:39 PM
Now you have disabled script engine so virus can not infect more files as it did before so now just take some  anti virus software and clean the PC
francis replied to light m on 27-Mar-11 08:41 PM
All files and folders on two of my flash drives and external hard disk have been converted to 1kb shortcuts and could not open anymore eventhough I scanned them a couple of times with the Avira anti virus program and quarantined the threats. I need your assistance.
K replied to light m on 31-Mar-11 06:31 AM
Im having the exact same problem. Soon as USB is inserted a few shortcuts ie My Documents, Shared Pictures etc are saved onto the USB and the already files on the USB are also converted to shortcuts. If any one has any idea what to do to sort this out...please do let me know
Raquel replied to light m on 18-Jul-11 10:30 AM
I'm having the same problem. apparently is a trojan doing all the mess win32 Recycle trojan, or something like that. Does your steps can be apply to flash drives?