Windows XP - Deleting "ie7updates" folders...

Asked By bhavya prasanna on 25-Mar-10 12:20 PM
Hello, I have a question, if someone could please answer it I would really appreciate it...  Is it safe or not to delete "ie7updates" folder. And if I can delete it then what would happen in future updates for IE8 and are IE8 and ie7 related in any way? ( I have IE8 WinXP SP3 and use Firefox as my main browser) currently it shows in my C:/WINDOWS folder as such: "ie7 , ie7updates , ie8 , ie8updates" folders. It's taking so much space but I worry if i delete it it might corrupt something?
Kirtan Patel replied to bhavya prasanna on 25-Mar-10 04:24 PM
ie7Updates is Folder that is Created when you installed IE8 so its back up of previous IE version installed on System. so that you can get back to IE7 when you uninstall IE8

but you can also download IE 7 From internet if you want to go back to it after uninstalling IE8 .. so no need of it if you not using IE..