SQL Server - Cluster identity - Asked By Kanagasabapathy T on 31-Mar-10 08:33 PM


1.     Is it possible to change the Active-Passive cluster to Active-Active Cluster ??

Info: Two SQL DB instances are running on node 1 (Active ) and passive node remaind idle for most of the time until node 1 goes down.

2.    How to identify from two node cluster either it is Active-Active  (or) Active-Passive ??

Info : Because when I go to add or remove programs ---> MS SQL 2005 ---> I'm able to see both the instance name ( on both nodes ) .

Jonathan VH replied to Kanagasabapathy T on 01-Apr-10 07:03 AM
1. Yes.  If both instances are active on node one and passive on node 2, right-click on one of the two SQL Server groups in Cluster Administrator and choose Move Group.  Make sure you understand the licensing implications of making this change.

2. You can see this in Cluster Administrator, of course.  If you need to know this from T-SQL, you can SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS') from each instance. If they are the same, the cluster is active/passive and the name returned is the active node. If they differ, the cluster is active/active.
Kanagasabapathy T replied to Jonathan VH on 01-Apr-10 11:50 AM
Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the reply. I will check and get back to you regarding this.