Windows 7 - hp scanjet 5300C driver for windows 7?

Asked By Debra on 01-Apr-10 01:07 AM
Upgraded from XP to Windows 7.  Then, several failed attempts at finding the driver to get my HP Scanjet 5300C scanner to work with Windows 7.  Then bought & downloaded Driver Detective to download the driver that simply said, they don't have one.  Went to HP website that said, there isn't one, buy a new scanner.  Then searched Google & found someone who got their's to work, followed those instructions, downloaded the XP driver, changed Security settings to Allow Full Access for everyone and said it should then work, didn't.  Then continued searching & found your site & post that basically said same thing, download, open program, properties, security, allow full access for everyone, should work, doesn't.  

The problem I'm having is that when I open the HP Scanjet program, it says:

"Sorry, cannot access your scanner.  It is being accessed by another application.  Wait for it to finish or close the application". 

There is no other application that I know of that is accessing the scanner.  Did a restart, that didn't help.  Same thing - says it's being accessed by another application. 

I think it's really, really lousy of HP to not have a driver for my scanner & Windows 7.  My scanner is like new.  With hundreds of drivers out there, shouldn't have to buy a new scanner because HP won't provide a driver.  

Can you help me?
Simon replied to Debra on 30-May-10 05:43 AM
Hi Debra did you get a solution to your problem i have upgraded to Win 7 and my HP scanjet 5300c will not work either.


Chris replied to Debra on 12-Oct-10 04:42 PM
Hi, yes I did the same thing and itdid not work. After searching further some one on the HP info board suggested the driver sj 334en.exe! This darn thing  in nowhere to be found???? Can someone help????
Philipp replied to Chris on 16-Oct-10 04:34 PM
I have exactly the same problem also. I don't know who can help us.
Debra replied to Philipp on 31-Oct-10 10:57 PM
Hi Chris & all others with this problem,

After spending an enormous amount of time on this, and spent money buying 3 different driver programs that GUARANTEED they had the driver I needed (NOT!!!) to get my "like new" HP Scanjet 5300C scanner to work with Windows 7, I ultimately came to the conclusion that it simply does not exist.  Let's face it guys, it's about greed.  HP could have created a driver so our scanners would work with Windows 7, but chose not to.  For those of us who really want or need a scanner, we have to go buy a new one.  That was another surprise - walked into Best Buy and was told the only way to get a scanner is to buy the 3 in 1's - printer/scanner/fax.  I didn't need a printer nor did I want a fax, nor will I EVER use the fax - too bad/so sad for us.  They said "just scanners" are no longer made.  If I wanted a scanner, I had one choice - to buy the printer/scanner/fax, which I did because I needed a scanner.  

I don't think I gave up too soon.  I exhausted and pursued every avenue I could think of before going to Best Buy.  What irritated me as much as HP's greed, were the driver programs that GUARANTEED they had any driver anyone could need.  After I paid for the programs, downloaded them and ran them, all 3 of them came up with "driver not available".  Ticked is an understatement.  I'd say greed was going on here too in the form of misrepresentation.

My brother just upgraded to Windows 7 and now his printer won't work - no driver available - imagine that.  Now he needs to go buy a new printer.

Wish I would have had better news for you.  I suspect you'll be heading out sooner or later to buy something new that will work with Windows 7.  What a racket!

Best wishes...             
Dennis replied to Debra on 02-Nov-10 01:36 PM
Hi to all with the same problem. 

My Scanjet 5300C is also like new and I purchased a new Gateway DX4849-07 this past Saturday with Windows 7 installed and I was surprised HP had no drivers for the scanner. I have also spent a lot of time trying to find drivers to no avail. It looks like I will going out to buy a 3 in one unit unless there is someone out there who can help us.

I will certainly not purchase HP equipment again after such a let down.

Very disgruntled Ex HP customer.
Paul replied to Dennis on 19-Nov-10 02:33 AM
read this artical about your topic

some have got there units to work...  I also have a hp 5300c.. works great and all my PCs but windows 7.  my one Asus laptop running vista did see and work but I had to sell tha machine. 

Hope this helps.
Paul replied to Dennis on 19-Nov-10 02:33 AM
read this artical about your topic

some have got there units to work...  I also have a hp 5300c.. works great and all my PCs but windows 7.  my one Asus laptop running vista did see and work but I had to sell tha machine. 

Hope this helps.
Kirby K. replied to Debra on 01-Mar-11 05:05 PM
I have also been suffering the HP ScanJet 5300C & Windows 7 blues.  I contacts HP Tecnnical support via their website.  I gotta hand it to them that they promptly replied.  But they're answere was far from satisfactory.  Said that driver for windows 7 would not be available, and to upgrade to a new scanner.

I found the link to the HP Executive Team and sent off following note.  I hope that all out there who read this will do the same.  Perhaps if enough people do this, HP will do the responsible thing.  I encourage you all to use my same letter if you do not have time to compose your own:

HP Executive Team


Dear Sirs or Madams:

Until recently, I have been very happy with my Scanjet 5300C.  It produces very high quality scans and has been very reliable. On these merits alone, I have had only good things to say about my scanner and HP products in general.  However, I recently bought a new computer running Windows 7 and looked on your website for a driver that would enable my scanner to work on the new computer.  I was very disappointed to discover that HP is not providing any driver support for the 5300C for the Windows 7 operating system.  I have been in contact with HP Customer Support, but did not get a satisfactory response.


Why is HP is not taking responsibility to its many customers who own these machines ? I'm sure that there are many unhappy HP owners worldwide.  If HP does not release such a driver anytime soon, I will take this to mean that HP does not care to offer long term basic support for its products.  I do not see it as a huge expense for the company
to have a programmer alter an existing driver to enable it to run the ScanJet 5300C on Windows 7.  This would be a very low cost for maintaining customer confidence in your products.

It is interesting to note that HP has been producing computers which are sold loaded with Windows 7, but when purchasers attempt to operate an existing ScanJet 5300C on one of these new machines, it will not work.  What
kind of planning is this ?  All computer and scanner owners do not have huge budgets to routinely replace equipment each time a new operating system is inflicted on the market.  I spent a lot of money recently to replace a very
old computer that ran on windows XP.  Why should I also have to purchase a new scanner when my old one is mechanically sound ?  Due to this lack of support, my confidence in HP products has been lost, and I will not be
purchasing any new HP devices unless this situation changes.  And I will be telling this to all my friends and colleagues.  I would not wish anyone else to suffer such a loss in future when yet a newer version of Windows is

Sales, reputation, and customer loyalty are gained or lost on individual customer experience, and on  their personal recommendations to other potential customers, not by mass marketing efforts.  I would much rather have been able to boast to my friends that HP had responsibly supported one of their older products.  I would also like to point out the environmental cost of this unnecessary obsolescence.  An old, but perfectly good HP product is doomed to add more material to dumps and land fill sites worldwide, as former HP customers dispose of old ScanJet 5300C’s to make room for new scanners produced by HP competitors.  For only a small cost of producing a new driver this can be easily avoided. 

I can think of only one other thing that would convince me to continue supporting HP as a customer.  Would HP consider a generous trade in offer on my old ScanJet 5300C for me to upgrade to a newer HP scanner ?


Kirby K. replied to Debra on 01-Mar-11 05:16 PM
PS on contacting HP Executive:

Here's the link to the CEO

Board of Directors