Visual Studio .NET - visual foxpro 6.0 table connectivity

Asked By ahmar on 06-Apr-10 10:14 AM
How to connect a Visual Foxpro 6.0 table with a grid view of a web site of Visual Studio 2005
Mohan Raj Aryal replied to ahmar on 06-Apr-10 12:10 PM
To access other database from .NET, you will need to use OLEDB database connectivity. ADO.NET provides OLEDB API to connect to many different databases easily.

I have searched one MSDN resource for you regarding Accessing Visual FoxPro Data in Visual Studio .NET, please refer the link:

Now once you received the data from database into dataset, you can do binding on gridview control using the code something like: 

MyGridView.DataSource = myDataSet

For more details regarding binding gridview, please refer another MSDN source:
Tesfaye replied to ahmar on 01-Apr-11 03:14 AM
    my question Is:
 How can I connect a list of table DataBase with Vb6.0 & MS Access ?Wouid u please help me with example clearly?
                                                                      Thank you!!!