ASP.NET - reset button - Asked By Ashok Kumar on 10-Apr-10 08:54 AM

hii every one..
i hav many fields in my web page such as(name,id,designation etc..)
i hav a add button and if i click the add button it add my textbox values to my page..
i do hav another button(clear),if i click the clear button it should reset all my textbox values...
so i need a sample idea/code regarding that concept
anyone plz  help me out........
good day......
Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to Ashok Kumar on 10-Apr-10 09:05 AM
//On Your Clear Button Click Event Write Just :


//Like This Use All Textbox To Null..

//I Hope This Will Helpful To You...
Super Man replied to Ashok Kumar on 10-Apr-10 10:06 AM

you can use

 <input type=reset  />

in your .aspx page

Carey H replied to Super Man on 10-Apr-10 12:49 PM
Or what's even the easiest solution...


If you are simply clearing everything and starting over then the above makes sure everything is reset.

You can also do this in javascript so as not to make a trip back to the server which so far all the examples require.

Assuming it is not nested in another control:


'<%=tbTest.ClientID%>').value = ""

Assuming your textbox is in a formview:


'<%= formview1.findcontrol("your_textbox").ClientID %>').value = ""