PHP - how to direct a subdomain to a sql data - Asked By Olusegun A. on 21-Apr-10 07:39 AM

Hello friends,

I have a membership site where members will submit their data and choose a template to display their information. On this site, I want each member to have his own subdomain (eg whereby anybody that enter the subdomain into the address bar will be directed to the template the person has chosen and the member's data will be collected from the database and displayed. A very good example is how articles that are summited are being view on WWW.BLOGSPOT.COM (eg

Siyamand Ayubi replied to Olusegun A. on 21-Apr-10 09:34 AM
Your question depends highly on your hosting environment and your DNS Server. As far as I know, you should add a sub domain into your DNS server once a user has been created and delete that entry once the user has been deleted. The main problem here , hs interaction with the DNS server. you can find useful information in the following forum of site.