ASP.NET - HOw i publish my web site - Asked By hiren dhameliya on 24-Apr-10 07:05 AM

i done my site how i can publish and run on machine and via IIS
reply me as soon as
Super Man replied to hiren dhameliya on 24-Apr-10 08:01 AM

If you purchased space for the web, then just upload your website pages to wwwroot folder of your account.

That’s it.


And if you are doing all this localhost. If you installed iis , then you might find one folder in c: drive


See this folder


Just upload your files to this folder.


Web Star replied to hiren dhameliya on 24-Apr-10 08:36 AM

To publish a Web site

  1. On the Build menu, click Publish Web Site.

  2. In the Publish Web Site dialog box, click the ellipsis button (…) to browse to the location to which you want to publish the Web site.

    You can write the Web site output to a local or shared folder, to an FTP site, or to a Web site that you access with a URL. You must have Create and Write permissions in the target location.

  3. To be able to change the layout (but not the code) of .aspx files after publishing the Web site, select the Allow this precompiled site to be updateable check box.

  4. To name strongly named assemblies using a key file or a key container, select the Enable strong naming on precompiled assemblies check box, and then click OK.

    Publishing status is displayed in the taskbar. Depending on the connection speed, the size of the site and the types of content files, publishing time can vary. When publishing is completed, the status of Publish succeeded is displayed.

  5. Make any configuration changes that are necessary for your site. For more information, see You might also want to encrypt specific configuration settings. For more information, see

Mohan Raj Aryal replied to hiren dhameliya on 24-Apr-10 09:44 AM
You have two options of deploying your ASP.NET web site in the IIS.

Option 1: 
As Web Star suggested, you can use Publish Web Site Option from your Visual Studio. So that you can directly publish to the web directory of destination web server.

You can create setup and deployment project (Web Setup project) from visual studio and create the MSI which can be installed to the web server. To install MSI you need access to the machine.