WCF/WF - pushing operation - Asked By ramesh on 30-Apr-10 12:24 AM

push the received data from wcf service to client location
samjayander thiagarajan replied to ramesh on 30-Apr-10 12:33 AM

For your requirement you have to consider using Duplex Binding:

Here is a short walkthrough on how to use the Duplex binding to send messages from server.

 I hope, This will help you to push data to client.

Anand Malli replied to ramesh on 30-Apr-10 01:55 AM
Hi Ramesh

You need to implement your WCF service with Duplex behavior with "wsDualHttpBinding" as binding type.
& you need to specify "CallbackContract" attribute to your defined interface.

More help please refer MSDN

Let me know if you need any help for implementation