Windows Server - HP ultrium 960 LTO 3 1/8 autoloader G1 Driver in Server 2008 64bit R2

Asked By Thomas on 04-May-10 10:20 AM
I have got an HP storageworks 1/8 Autoloader G1. LTO 3.  I have tried connecting this using an LSI Ultra 320 SCSI LVD/SE card.  (and also tried an adaptec 39160).  My backup software is DPM 2010 RC.  The application LTT4.10 supplied by HP correctly addresses the autoloader - but there are no windows drivers contained within this.  I guess that symantec BE12.5 uses their own generic drivers too.  So there are drivers out there that work!  I downloaded the 64bit G2 autloader driver but this does not work  correctly.  Any clues.  I have tried HP direct but they are not intested in helping and also DPM2010 help.
Thomas replied to Thomas on 10-May-10 03:59 AM
After trying various drivers, I found that the Dell Powervault 136T Autoloader drivers work fine.
Choong replied to Thomas on 26-Jul-10 08:37 PM
Hi there,

I am in a similar situation to you. I have a HP ultrium 448 LTO2 1/8 autoloader G1.

Can you provide a link to the driver you used? I tried to find it from the Dell website but there were no windows 2008 R2 (x64) drivers available.

Matthew replied to Choong on 11-Aug-10 05:49 PM
Choong replied to Matthew on 11-Aug-10 10:59 PM
I did a scan for new hardware in Device Manager and under "Medium Changer Devices" there was an Unknown Medium Changer.

Updated the driver manually by choosing to Select from a list. Windows 2008 R2 had a built in driver for a DELL PowerVault 136T Autoloader. After installing this driver, I did a rescan in DPM 2010, and it picked up the 'DELL' Autoloader and all the slots.

DPM can now control the autoloader and tape drive.

Matthew replied to Choong on 12-Aug-10 12:34 PM
That seems to be the ticket.  Thanks Choong!