VB.NET - how to incorporate updates to distributed program

Asked By jenn on 08-May-10 01:23 PM
was wondering how to do this:

I am building a project now that is gonna go out soon...but this beta will need to be updated and enhanced.

so my question is this:
will my user be able to retain the data that she entered previously when updates or changes are ready

ANd also
most importantly...LOL

how do I incorporate updates to the already installed and operating program with out contaminating or losing her data.

Mohan Raj Aryal replied to jenn on 08-May-10 02:00 PM
You will need to plan for proper deployment strategies.. For e.g. Incremental deployment, fresh deployment, Hotfix/patch deployment etc.

Mostly I prefer incremental deployment on production database so that your existing data will not be lost. Sometimes you might need to correct the data present on database to adopt new version installation. 

The deployment plans are more specific to a project rather than discussing on very generic way.
jenn replied to Mohan Raj Aryal on 08-May-10 02:37 PM
okay well I at least know now not to hit the deploy button so fast!

but thats about all I know....lol

as stated in all of my previous posts (but not this one) is that this is my first time doing this. It was a question that was brought up in conversation to me. "Just out of curiousity..when we go to give her revised updated version in december...how are we going to launch it without overwriting all of her data in her current verion?" are we going to have to reinstall...install a fresh version ...or install over the top of the current one?"

well, as you can imagine..my answer to this was just a simple "good question" LOL..


the other part of this is that I THOUGHT that okay..this verion is built in Visual Basic/8/net...
but how bout if the next one is built with C#??

I can already see that if I plan to add to her current project..updates and stuff..

that the language switch will be a big unfixable compatiblity issue....

so that I guess answers my next question LOL
Mohan Raj Aryal replied to jenn on 08-May-10 02:59 PM
Your this post made me clear that you are doing some .NET projects with database. 

In your scenario, I think delivery of incremental (install on top of the current one) deployment which would make you easier.  Also you could think about fresh deployment, however in this case you would need to make proper database migration plan. 

Obviously, you can reinstall your application MSI keeping the back up of any configuration files/static changes (Custom Configuration things) if you have made after deployment. Since your concerns is about keeping the production data safe after deployment of new version, I don't think you need to worry about the compilation language, because .net framework understand and adopt those language whether you use C# or VB to write code.

Also, I would like to remind  to make proper deployment plan which can help you more to remember things like backing up, risks etc based on your scenario.
jenn replied to Mohan Raj Aryal on 08-May-10 07:55 PM

so what I got from that was to first make a back up of her application..and set it aside.
try to install new version over the top of the old one..
if that doesnt work then try new install?