ASP.NET - mobile application in 4.0/vs 2010

Asked By asif hameed on 12-May-10 07:32 AM
Hi all,

I want to create mobile application in visual studio 2010 with 4.0. Do i need to install sdk ? What are pre requisites ?  any tutorial for this ?

Asif Hameed
Jinal Desai - LIVE replied to asif hameed on 12-May-10 07:52 AM
Find following links useful..

Hope this will help!
Phivos Stylianides replied to asif hameed on 12-May-10 08:34 AM
The short story is that you need the development kit for mobiles found at:
Also you need ActiveSync to deploy your application on a mobile device found at:

And last, after you install those, create a SmartDevice project in Visual Studio. Is that what you want or is it an ASP.NET application for mobile phones?