Security - encryption using XOR - Asked By Priyanka on 26-May-10 12:37 AM

I am doing simple Encryption  using XOR ,but key is in integer.I want to encrypt using string key?can it possible?
Santhosh N replied to Priyanka on 26-May-10 01:13 AM
Have you seen this post from Peter which is explaining on the same lines and the key is integer over here in the sample as well
Gayathri S replied to Priyanka on 16-Jul-10 06:27 AM
Yes you can use a string key and xor the message with the ASCII of the characters in the string. Suppose your key is "EGG", then you will have to xor the first character of the message with ASCII of E, second character with ASCII of G, third character with ASCII of G, fourth character with E and so on. Hope this helps.