Windows 7 - BisonCam, NB Pro - Asked By Martha Brawner on 26-May-10 10:54 AM

Finally, after finding the drivers and downloading them to my MSI CR 600 laptop-keyword being finally!  Finally after downloading and installing Movie Maker - also keyword being finally!  Using Movie Maker - downloading from my camcorder and my digital camera.  Tried to use webcam to record personal movie for class assignment - Movie Maker does not recognize BisonCam, NB Pro.  I do not feel I should have to correct the registry system as has been explained in the cnet forum.  The camera works with program P3 but not Microsoft Movie Maker.  I have a project due at school and just a little PO'ed at Microsoft.  Windows 7 includes SQL and Visual Basic but not Movie Maker - what a waste of time - everybody is not a programmer.
Okay I'm done ranting - can anyone give me an easy way to activate my camera in Windows 7 for Movie Maker - works for everything else.  Thank you.

Have you tried this? - Robbe Morris replied to Martha Brawner on 27-May-10 03:12 AM

As just a wild guess, you could try turning off some of the fancy UI stuff like Aero and see if it works.  I know a lot of software just can't run under some of the newer UI stuff in Vista and Windows 7.
Andy replied to Martha Brawner on 29-May-10 11:23 PM
Where did you find the driver?