VB.NET - i cannot change startup form - Asked By thea on 26-May-10 11:48 PM

Dear Sir/Madam
i have some problem with start up form. in my project i have three form, like form1, form2, form3. the first time i test in form1 so the start up form is form1 and when i finish in form1 i continuing to test in form2 i need to change start up form2. The problem happen when i change from2 already the form load still form form1? Do u ever have this problem with your project? can you help me? how can i solve it?

Then Kunthea

Huh? - Robbe Morris replied to thea on 26-May-10 11:53 PM

Your english is poor and hard to follow.  Are you trying to change the start up form the next time the application is launched?
Santhosh N replied to thea on 27-May-10 12:00 AM
Where did you change the form startup..
Ideally, you need to be choosing project properties and you will have a dropdown to change the startup object in case of Vb.Net and if it is c#, you need to use something like this..
Application.Run(new Form2());
Anoop S replied to thea on 27-May-10 12:11 AM
you can set the startup form like this way -> go to the project properties and in the application tab, startup object select the form you want to open first.
Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to thea on 27-May-10 12:35 AM
right-click on the project name in Solution Explorer window and select Properties which displays the Property Pages window. On this window click the drop-down box which is labeled as Startup Object. Doing that displays all the forms available in the project. It looks like the image below :

In The Dropdown Menu It WIll Show Your All From. Set Your From Which You Want To At Start Up....
Super Man replied to thea on 27-May-10 02:41 AM

You find one file name Program.cs in your root folder of your project.

You might find code like below:

        static void Main()




            Application.Run(new Form1());


Here in yellow background Form1 is written. If you want to call another form at startup. Just change Form1 to another form name.