Outlook - Autoarchive history or log - Asked By dan maday on 05-Jun-10 01:22 PM


This should be a simple question but I have searched Google every which way and came up with nothing.

I have Exchange 2007 with about 80 users. Half of the users use Outlook 2007. I have each user set up to autoarchive every 14 days. My question is "How do I know that the autoarchive ran and completed sucessfully?". Most every Microsoft product has a log of some kind. I can find no log for autoarchive. I worry about losing mail and autoarchive seems like a good solution pair with daily mail store backups.

With email being as important as it is I find it hard to believe that people using autarchive can feel comfortable with a policy of set it and forget it.


Dan Maday
Ramu Soft replied to dan maday on 05-Jun-10 04:28 PM
AFAIK, there is no logging for auto archive. We can enable logging in Outlook but reading the log is not possible with publicly available tools. MS has their internal tool to analyze etl(outlook log file format) files.

Btw, what is your intension behind implementing archiving? If your goal is not to save space for exchange servers., then probaby you can give large storage to users and implement message retension in your exchange. This way we can allow users to save more data and at the same time they can recover the accedentally deleted data on their own.