C# .NET - attendence sheet - Asked By parvez on 01-Nov-12 08:05 AM

I would like to generate attendance sheet.. i thought of using either grid or table, and Number of columns in the grid/table will be around 30 columns along with employee name and empid (it is just like attendance register). If adminstrator select the month from dropdown, attendance sheet will generate. Administrator has the rights to change present(P) as absent or (absent as leave) or (absent as holiday). So when adminstrato clicks on a grid cell or table cell, a cursor should point where he can change A to P (i.e. Absent to Present) and/or A to H (i.e Absent to Holiday).
Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to parvez on 15-Jun-10 09:36 AM
Create Table For Employee & Make 30 Columns, Each Days Of Columns. In Rows Take One ID,In Which Values Are Combination Of "Year + Month". Unique Values For Each Row. When You Enter Employee Id, It Will Display It's Attendance sheet as a Table. In The Each Cell Admin Or Who make entry for Present/Absent of employee.

when admin want to show attendacesheet for emoloyee, he/she will enter the ID of employee & system will show attendancesheet of that employee.
Sagar P replied to parvez on 15-Jun-10 10:28 AM
I think best way to do is by using GridView. Take one gridview and bind it with data according to your need. As you need to manage leave status of emplyee you can provide a dropdown for that once user click on EDIT. So it will edit it accordingly like A to P or A to H.
Then you can easily update it to DB and again reload gridview.
I think this is the best way to go.......
Anoop S replied to parvez on 15-Jun-10 10:57 AM
You can create a table with how many columns you required + 1 additional column for admin right and a login page because it will help for setting right for editing according to user and admin. then you can call the table to gridview and display data, you can set edit right according to admin right