Windows 7 - cursor jumping all over the place - Asked By Lynda on 16-Jun-10 06:20 PM


Thanks a million for your solution to importing/finding lost Win Mail emails into Windows 7 Live Mail. Windows 7 has been driving me nuts.

Can anyone help with the problem of the cursor jumping allover the place?  I click on a box or a window, let go of the mouse to start typing and find I'm typing in a completely different window. If the mouse slides off the window I'm working in, another window pops up and covers what I was doing.  Mouse movements in Vista never did this. Once you'd clicked in a window/box you could just get on with what you were doing. Now it takes up to three goes for me to stably stay in the right place!

I know many others have complained about the cursor jumping all over the place in explorer (and the folder list in WLM). I'm going to need to see a stress counsellor if I can't get this cursor under control

Thanks for any help!!


I suspect the computer realizes its you - Robbe Morris replied to Lynda on 16-Jun-10 08:22 PM

and is doing everything it can to keep you from harming the outside world :)

Unfortunately, that's the best answer I have.  I have all sorts of issues with Windows Explorer
in Windows 7.  I mean really, how does a staple like windows explorer wind up with bugs
after so many years of development.  Just no excuse for that.

I find myself wishing every day that I'd just stop upgrading Microsoft products.  Doesn't matter
whether it is the OS, Office, or Visual Studio.  Something that used to work great now either looks
like crap or doesn't work like it used to.  And, rarely any new tangible benefit with the new features.

Alas, I digress...

more useful stuff on stuttering cursors and mice - Lynda replied to Lynda on 17-Jun-10 09:09 PM

Hi Robbie,

Thanks - I think :)  

This link provides some useful pointers