Publisher - Error 25004 Config.Xml - Asked By Harold on 26-Jun-10 08:31 AM

When I try and reinstall my Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, I get the following error message:
Error 25004. Config.Xml not specified. A valid config.Xml file must be authored when deploying (null)
How do I correct this error so that I can reinstall my Office Publisher 2007. I am trying to re-install it on Windows 7 Upgrade from Vista, 32 Bit.
Venkat K replied to Harold on 26-Jun-10 11:03 AM

The  reason might be corrupted installation of office 2007 on the computer. Uninstall office 2007 manually from the computer, then

re-install it and check if it helps.


Anoop S replied to Harold on 26-Jun-10 11:07 AM
You need to uninstall any pre-release version of the Microsoft Office 2007 system .

it seems that if you have a version of the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in or Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS installed, this may be the culprit. In both cases, by performing an uninstall on this add-in via the Control Panel, and then installing Expression Web, everything works okay. You can even re-install the Office 2007 add-in when you're done