Microsoft Access - Deleting Tables/forms/queries in Access 2010

Asked By Jonathan on 29-Jun-10 06:45 AM

Hi guys. I've got a MS Access database which I created in access 2003. I've recently upgraded to Access 2010 and for some reason I am now unable to delete tables or queries or forms? This ability had been greyed out for some reason?

The database is a secured database, with only a few users with different access rights. As an Admin, I should be able to delete. I even opened the database in 'exclusive' mode in order to try and delete, and still this functionality is greyed out.

Anybody know what's going on????


Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to Jonathan on 29-Jun-10 08:25 AM
\\First Of All Check Your Permission For Database, Because Access 2010 Is Very Secure Than 2003.

If You Want To Remove Table Then There Is One Command "Drop".

Syntax :

DROP TABLE table_name

Example : DROP TABLE Your_Table_Name

\\It Will Drop Table Which Is Given By You In Query.

If You Want To Delete The Structure Of The Table Then There Is Another Command "TRUNCATE"

Syntax : 


Example :


\\It Will Delete All Data & Structure Of Given Table Name, But Not Delete The Table Itself.

\\I Hope This Will Helpful To You.....
Jonathan replied to Goniey N (Mr. G) on 29-Jun-10 09:22 AM


I don't think this is a permissions issue as I am the admin for the database, and I have admin rights to all items in the database yet I can't delete in 2010. I've just tried it again in 2003 and 2007 and can delete to my hearts content, but not in 2010.

That syntax works well for deleting tables, but I can't delete unwanted forms. So this isn't a work around for that unfortunately.

Good start - keep the suggestions coming :)

Jonathan replied to Jonathan on 29-Jun-10 09:37 AM

I've just managed to open a database which has no security features, and can delete there as well. Something wrong with the security for some reason??

Jonathan replied to Jonathan on 01-Jul-10 05:01 AM

I've just transferred all items (tables, forms, queries, reports, macros, etc) into a new database with no security. I've then used the security wizard in order to add a few people to log in, just creating 2 at first - myself with Admin rights and myself1 with user rights. Same problem again - I can't delete. Rubbish!

Larry replied to Jonathan on 06-Jul-10 01:43 PM
I am having the exact same issue.  I created a database in 2003 format and cannot delete any of the objects (i.e. Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports) when I run in MS Access 2010.  I do not have the luxury of going back to MS Access 2003. 
Larry replied to Larry on 06-Jul-10 03:29 PM
In playing around I found out that I am able to delete objects if I log in as Admin.  It does not look like there is a way to create new users with Admin rights
Jonathan replied to Larry on 07-Jul-10 05:26 AM

Hi Larry

SUCCESS! I logged in as admin and made sure they had the correct rights, and then when I logged in again as myself with admin rights I was able to delete!

Good fiddling Larry :)