C# .NET - Sending SMS through 160by2.com - Asked By kiruba .e on 30-Jun-10 05:25 AM

Hi, i have seen for sending sms using way2sms.com through our asp.net application.

is it possible to send sms through 160by2.com in our .net application.?

Arun Kumar Ramesh replied to kiruba .e on 30-Jun-10 10:40 AM


It is very easy to send sms through 160by2 account rather than sending through way2sms

Personally I have heard that the session management of 160by2 is relatively less secure and hence easy to simulate than way2sms

Please visit this site


But the session management in 160by2 is controlled by php and not in .net

Foamsnet simulates php session of 160by2 and it is difficult to simulate it through .net

~ Arun

Amruta Patil replied to kiruba .e on 03-Feb-11 06:01 AM

Hello Sir
        I trying to send using Way2sms But i m Not getting Output Please Send Me the code to send Sms using 160by2.com
      My Id is amruta.patil@tces.co.in.

With Regards

kalyan replied to Amruta Patil on 10-Feb-11 01:09 AM
are yaar ,, if u r already a user with ur mobile number then just enter ur mobile no, in user id place the use ur password ,,, if u r new to 160by2 then register ur number n mail id with 160/2 ,,,,,,, if u forgotton ur password then use forgottonn password option ,,,,, itsss so simpleeeeeeeee :)
anil wanare replied to kalyan on 20-Apr-12 03:53 AM
Please send me the code for  sending sms using 160by2.com
my email id is..