SharePoint - How to schedule weekly email in SharePoint Workflow

Asked By Shubhangi M on 30-Jun-10 11:44 AM


I have a requriement in SharePoint List in which the users wants an email to be received weekly (every Wedensday at a particular time). The email should contain all new items added in the gone week (from Wedensaday to Tuesday or so..).

The alerts option didn't help me as the content is not the one that the client needs. So a workflow has to be designed. But I could not see any option by which I can schedule the WF to send a mail on weekly basis.

Also the email body should include all items added in the gone week.

Any suggestion about how this can be approached?

Ramendra Kumar replied to Shubhangi M on 30-Jun-10 12:15 PM
use this link
Shubhangi M replied to Ramendra Kumar on 30-Jun-10 01:22 PM


Thnx for the response.

I have gone through the article and it tells about how to create WF. I wanted majorly how to schedule the WF to sent a mail on a weekly basis. I had created WF's that send email when new item is added or so. But this time i want my WF to send email on every Wednesday or so.

 So any suggestions how i can proceed?

Anand Malli replied to Shubhangi M on 01-Jul-10 06:49 AM
Hi Shubhangi,

I've recently faced the similar requirement in sharepoint. To send email from workflow @ specific day interval after item has been changed.

you should create custom timer job & use Sharepoint Timer service to send email on regular weekly basis( on every Wednesday)

refer this article by Andrew Connell on how to create custom timer job 

In above article SPMinuteSchedule class has been used, for your case you need to use SPDailySchedule to set appropriate day.(eg. Wednesday)

let me know if you face any problem while creating custom timer job.