Windows 7 - none - Asked By natalia on 30-Jun-10 06:36 PM

how do u disable the https: error 12157
Arun Kumar Ramesh replied to natalia on 01-Jul-10 12:19 AM


According to the error code list here

The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries.

Found the culprit after reading a post in
microsoft.public.internetexplorer. The post title is "Avoid the IE7
RunOnce" posted 10/16/2007. It had nothing to do with my problem but
it mentioned editing Group Policy. So I looked at my settings and
found the policy regarding "FIPS Compliance." When enabled it allows
ONLY FIPS compliant algorithms digest methods and authentication. It
is hard to believe that some secure sites are not using 3DES yet and I
don't think many have switched to AES either.

So now if you see Error 12157, take a peek at the Group Policy FIPS
setting; it should be disabled. We will have to wait another 10 years
for new ANSI AES and RSA approved algorithms. 


Ramu Soft replied to natalia on 02-Jul-10 12:01 PM

Try visiting this link and click on "Fix IT" which is at the middle of the page.

This should fix your problem

lihua spb replied to natalia on 31-May-11 02:09 AM

It seems that web server is not enabling the connections. You had better ask server people to increase parameter ,  and check the DB server.