SharePoint - InfoPath button - Asked By sammy mc on 05-Jul-10 08:59 AM

I have 4buttons on IP form. when button 1 click I want to show certain fields. same with the other buttons. pl advice the best way to achieve this! thank you!
Heath Groves replied to sammy mc on 05-Jul-10 01:32 PM

Conditional Formatting...

On a dialogue box (or any other control) you can set conditional formatting that can "Hide" a control based on a condition.... so for instance a condition can be:

button logic

If button A is pressed set attribute1 to 1

Conditional formatting of diplay box

If attribute1 = 0 then hide

Using this approach means you have an unattached attribute called attribute1.  Set the button to change the attribute to 1 when pressed and make sure it defaults to 0.

Set the conditional formatting of your display box to "If attribute1 = 0 then hide" and et viola!   When the button is pressed the dialog box will appear.

This approach can be used with all types of control.

You can also use repeating sections in some circumstances, and you can combine repeating sections with conditional formatting.

hope that helps