WCF/WF - Windows Authentication for WCF service in IIS7

Asked By Raghu Donk on 13-Jul-10 04:09 PM

Hi, I have hosted WCF service on IIS7 using BizTalk WCF publishing Wizard and for that service I have enabled Windows Authentication, my requirement is whenever I browse the service it should ask me for credentials, how can i configure this, I though when i enable Windows Auth it will ask me for teh credentials whenever I browse teh service but its not asking m efor credentials now, what should I configure in the service to pop up credentials window when I browse this service, Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance

Peter Bromberg replied to Raghu Donk on 13-Jul-10 05:10 PM
Did you uncheck "Anonymous" in IIS?
Raghu Donk replied to Peter Bromberg on 14-Jul-10 11:40 AM
Yes I did, I have unchecked or Disabled Anonymous access and enabled only Windows Auth., do I have to change some where? like Web.Config, WcfServiceDescription.xml, binding file.xml.
Peter Bromberg replied to Raghu Donk on 14-Jul-10 12:46 PM

do you have

  <authentication mode="Windows"/>

in your web.config?

Raghu Donk replied to Peter Bromberg on 16-Jul-10 12:21 PM
Yes I do have that in my Web.Config.
Jas replied to Raghu Donk on 09-Aug-10 10:55 AM
Any update in this issue? How did you fix this? Can you please post back the solution/idea you have, I have the same issue. Thanks and appreciate your help. Jas