SQL Server - How to secure Store procedure - Asked By ganesh on 19-Jul-10 01:05 AM


Can any one tell me what all the ways which we can secure store procedure which has written in sql server 2008  in website.

Thanks in advance



Anand Malli replied to ganesh on 19-Jul-10 01:34 AM

Hi Ganesh

What do you mean by secure store procedure,did you mean something like encrypt or obfsucated?? Store Procedure are always on sql server and,so they are hard to break into,and provide user name and password to access your DB,so i do not think you need anything else for Store Procedure

let me know


ganesh replied to Anand Malli on 19-Jul-10 03:05 AM

Hi Anand,

Thanks for the reply and am sorry without giving much details about the problem statement

It is website, and the business logic for some core functionality is written in store procedures. The website will be installed into the client pc locally. so there is chance to view the business logic and modify it. i want to prevent my code. so i was asking what all the best methods to prevent the store procedure code. i know some of the methods like we can use encryption keyword. and there is one more way where we can use .net CLR integration with store procedure, but i dont know how to do that. if you know could you please suggest the steps and advice it is the better approach.

i hope it make sense now.