PHP - Create Forum - Asked By waseem kaleem on 24-Jul-10 01:06 PM

Can anyone tell or provide me an complete article about how  a simple disscussion forum is bulit using object oriented php and mysql?
Peter Bromberg replied to waseem kaleem on 24-Jul-10 03:50 PM

There are numerous free PHP discussion board offerings that use mySQL. You could start with this search:

(this internet is a great resource for finding things!)

waseem kaleem replied to Peter Bromberg on 25-Jul-10 12:26 PM
Thanks you sir.I want to create my own forum.I donot want to use existing forum.I have learnt creating forum from but it does not provide good forum.
Sasha Kotlo replied to waseem kaleem on 25-Jul-10 01:22 PM
You prolly didn't understand what Robbe meant here. By downloading a simple or advanced open source forum you're actually already given access to everything you're hereby asking for. You have the source code of the whole application and you can see all the outs and ins of it yourself. It's only a matter of digging the code (which can take a while but after all if you're too lazy to do that then maybe programming isn't the right thing for you ;)).

1 good small-scale forum is miniBB.

lavanya shanmugavel replied to Sasha Kotlo on 28-Jul-10 08:45 AM
I couldnt get what saha said. I downloaded miniBB and installed . but it takes me to minibb site. I want my forum separately. Pls do explain how to do mine. Iam beginner to php