Publisher - Please Help! Error message "The folder that this Web Page would use...

Asked By James on 29-Jul-10 09:26 PM

Hey everyone.

Please help me with this it is extremely unnerving and I'm running low on time.

Our web site was made for us using Publisher 2000, and it includes some javascripts and what not.

Currently, we have to use an old computer to save the publisher as a web page, and upload using FTP.

I recently got Publisher 2003 on my computer at home, saved all the files from work, and can successfully open and edit them from my computer at home.

Here is where the problem lies. I go to "publish to the web" and save into the folder that we use at work. At work, it would just overwrite the index.html, and all the images included. When I go to do this in 2003, it gives me the error message "The folder that this Web Page would use to organize supporting files is already reserved for use in the current location. Please choose a different name or location for this Web Page.

I know nothing about javascript so I can't go editing that.

However, I changed the name to index1.htm, uploaded the files to the server, and deleted the old ones (index.html, img1.jpg, img2.jpg etc...) and renamed index1.htm to index.html.

The site loads, but it is all out of whack; the navigation bar is in the wrong spot, the images take longer to load, and the frustration it is causing me is making me pee too sternly and my accuracy has dramtically decreased since 2009.

As you can see, I have a sense of humor about this stupid problem, but I would greatly appreciate any help. That includes help on how to edit javascript to redirect it to a different folder. Or, if someone has encountered this same dialogue box I'd love to collaborate and try and solve this issue.

I want to get it solved by the end of the week because starting August 8th, changing stats and stuff from my house would save me about 3 hours of transportation for the week. 3 hours I can spend practicing my aim, and drinking beer.

Ken Fitzpatrick replied to James on 29-Jul-10 10:02 PM

Thanks for the laugh. I am not familiar with using publisher to publish websites, but I did a search on Google using the error message you received and got a lot of hits. The first one was a Microsoft Hotfix that could sove your original problem. The URL is That about the limit of how I can help. Do the search on Google and see what else you can find. I am sure plenty of people have run into this issue.

Also, try this to help with your aim:


Anoop S replied to James on 30-Jul-10 01:23 AM
This problem may also occur if you try to publish to an FTP location on a UNIX server.
To work around this problem, do one of the following:
1. Publish to a local location (for example, to a folder on your hard disk), and then use an FTP program to transfer the files to the UNIX server.
2. Publish to an FTP location on a Microsoft Windows 2000 or later server.
James replied to Anoop S on 30-Jul-10 11:23 AM
Thanks guys. Ken, thank you for that pee goal, but I'd rather field goal posts hahahah. I bit the bullet yesterday, got a copy of Publisher 2000, and the problem disappeared like my urine-anxiety. The only reason I didn't want to download the hotfix is because I have Windows 7 and I didn't know if that would solve my problem or whatever. Anyways, all is well and I thank you all for the help.