C# .NET - Bindind WPF customized calendar - Asked By Talwinder on 30-Jul-10 12:06 AM

I found this useful article over here


But there the binding of the appointments is done by double clicking the date itself ..

Can u please tell me way to bind the multiple dates together .say from click of button outside calendar control.????(from this mean i need to show appontements on particular range of dates from one event)

Please reply...

Also there the particualar date is bound to some observablecollection,, i m not able to the binding with the single entry(Actuaaly i want to put grid in control template over there and want to bind grid's datacontext.)
Michael Detras replied to Talwinder on 31-Jul-10 03:04 AM

The article there discusses how to add an appointment only. We get the date by double-clicking on a CalendarItem and assigning it to the date of the appointment. If you want to add an appointment by other means, say through a button, it is possible. I am not really sure about your problem but is it about filtering the appointments? If so, you can add dependency properties to the custom control, like start and end date, or type of appointment. Use these dependency properties to filter what appointments you would like to show. Kindly correct me if I'm mistaken. Hope this helps.