ASP.NET - Animations in my web page without using flash

Asked By Ashish Goyal on 05-Aug-10 06:47 AM
How can I give attractive animations in my web page without using flash ..

I don't know flash. So is there any other way by which background animations can be included in the web page ..?
Gayathri S replied to Ashish Goyal on 05-Aug-10 07:41 AM
To give attractive animations without using flash, you can use UI Frameworks like Jquery ( or Yahoo User Interface Framework.

Hope that helps.
Anand Malli replied to Ashish Goyal on 05-Aug-10 07:45 AM
Hi Ashish,

your question is subjective i mean it depends on what type of animation you are talking about,if you are talking about some high graphics..or small moving video or spalsh or something you may require FLASH,but if the animation you are talking about are small like rotating image,or CSS effects or changing colours or somethingl ike this periodically you may opt for good javscripts and css,which can somehtime do miracles

so it depends no your choice of animation

so for now just see the link below and you will see the power of using CSS

let me know

Ashish Goyal replied to Anand Malli on 05-Aug-10 08:04 AM

Thanx for ur support..

Basically I need some effects over the menu like glowing effect or text enlarge when the mouse points over it..

Anand Malli replied to Ashish Goyal on 05-Aug-10 08:21 AM
Hi Ashish,

so you not at all require this flash stuff in your code,you can do miracls with javascript and css,and there are planty of open source library and sites available for that,just do that