Open Source - my folders having data are converted into 1kb shortcut files

Asked By mrutyunjaya on 05-Aug-10 07:16 AM
when i had entered my pen drive into my friend's pc  , all the data present in it were converted into 1kb shortcut files.
when i double clicked on a file , it is showing that " the item 'roaqux.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved , so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do u want to delete  this shortcut? "
also by clicking properties of that file it is showing general,shortcut,compatibility,security,details tab but only shortcut tab is accessible and the location is not correct drive & target is ( H:\roaqux.exe H:Pass ) but my drive is J: drive.
by scaning that drive via antivirus  i can see the files and folders but can't able to access that file .pls help.
Ken Fitzpatrick replied to mrutyunjaya on 05-Aug-10 07:23 AM
Sounds like you may have copied shortcuts to the pen drive instead of the actual files. It is easy to do. Make sure when you copy the files, you are actually copying files, not shortcuts.

Goniey N (Mr. G) replied to mrutyunjaya on 05-Aug-10 08:03 AM
This Is Happened By The Virus. In Your Friend's PC There Is A Virus Which Will Automatically Convert You All Data Into 1kb Shortcut.

For That You Have To Scan Your Friend's PC With Latest & Updated Antivirus. So The Virus Can Remove & You Can Work As Usual....
Without Removing Virus You Can't Solve Your Problem...

//I Hope This Is Clear For You.
Super Man replied to mrutyunjaya on 05-Aug-10 08:27 AM
this is because of virus in your friends computer.

try to access from the addressbar

G:\Your_folder_name\............ and so on

as per your folder you have made in pen drive.sometimes it is able to access like this::::
sasi replied to mrutyunjaya on 16-Aug-10 06:08 AM

 First clear your pendrive with latest updated antivirus and then do the following

in command prompt


     c:/> attrib -r -s -h /d /s  x:\*.* 

                   X is the pendrive drive letter

    finally remove all the shortcuts by using the command

         x:\del /a /f *.lnk/s

hope you cleared....
Keshav replied to sasi on 27-Aug-10 03:00 AM
Remedy is really  owesome ............................Hats off Jack.............. Bye
cj replied to Super Man on 25-Nov-10 11:51 PM
thanks a lot....this solves my problem
mauluik replied to mrutyunjaya on 09-Feb-11 06:17 AM

rohit replied to mrutyunjaya on 27-Feb-11 08:38 AM
i have followed your instructions but all shortcuts are deleted and D drive doesn't have any icon.

but property shows that all items are available.
Please help
Balakrishna Kini replied to sasi on 30-Apr-11 02:22 PM
I did it ...and my problem occurs again when i connect them to my computer
suresh devan replied to Super Man on 26-Nov-11 12:57 AM
very very thanks bro its working you saved my life
samjib manna replied to mrutyunjaya on 21-Feb-12 09:43 AM
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