Microsoft Excel - search varible, date, text ect...

Asked By John on 18-Aug-10 04:02 AM
I have an excel work book with 10 sheets. In that work book 1 to 5 rows are header for all sheets. I would like to search a Value, or a Variable or Date as I required. If it found then entire rows(all details) should copy to a new work book. I need button for run the macro. Program should ask what I need to search for. If I put a date macro should search all workbook if found all result should copy to a new workbook. Can any one give a solution for this.
iHelper MS replied to John on 18-Aug-10 12:32 PM
Well, I am not giving you a straight forward answer for your question.
But here is the possible way I would do this:

I would prefer to store the repeated headers in a seperate sheet (e.g. - Header) and point all sheet to the Header Sheet.
Later, at any point of time, to make changes to Header data in all sheets, I can just goto Header sheet and make changes.

This way I can avoid using Macros.